Primary School Meals in Norfolk

Primary School Meals

Providing over 25,000 primary school meals every day in Norfolk and Suffolk, our food ethos is, and has always been, for high-quality, local ingredients freshly prepared by happy and well-trained catering teams.

Primary School Menus

Great care is taken in the development of our primary school menus to ensure children have choice and variety with interesting dishes that reflect the changing season. As well as using feedback from children and parents, our Cooks and Account Managers compose our menus with input from Norfolk Healthy Schools, the Children’s Food Trust.

We are lucky enough to have, not only an independent nutritionist available to our menu team, but also registered dietician, Nicole Madden. During term time, Nicole holds a special diet advice clinic between 4.30pm and 6pm on Tuesdays. This is an advice line specifically for parents who have questions or concerns regarding their child’s dietary requirements. The contact number is 07718 200884.

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Our Food

Our menus change twice a year so there’s an Autumn/Winter menu which starts after October half-term and a Spring/Summer menu which starts after Easter. In addition to our delicious main meals, we offer daily Jacket Potatoes with a variety of fillings and cold Pick ‘n’ Mix lunches during spring and summer term which helps encourage independent choice.

We are also a gold Food for Life provider, which means:

  • At least 80% of the food we offer is prepared from scratch
  • All the meat we serve is Red Tractor assured
  • The fruit and vegetables we serve are seasonal and locally grown, wherever possible
  • Our food is free from GM ingredients, trans fats and undesirable additives
  • A minimum of 5% of all the ingredients is spent on organic produce

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Toffee Cream Tart

December recipe feature

Toffee Cream Tart

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