Developed by Students, for Students; Fresssh delivers a modern, tempting food offer that emulates emerging food trends and food concepts found on the high street.

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Our menu consists of four food concepts:

PLATED – for the more traditional dishes that will always be popular with students.

BOWL – very much taking inspiration from Bento Box and Poke Bowl trends. Our Bowl dishes consist of a variety of world food flavours which supports popular cuisines and enables students to ‘try something new’.

STREET – is all about hand-held food that is filling, appealing and can be eaten ‘on the go’ at break or lunchtime. Our Street food dishes are designed to have minimal packaging.

SWEET – it goes without saying that most students enjoy a sweet treat at break or lunch and our range of sweet items are fresh, homemade and varied to suit all tastes.




We know students are in a generation of conscious consuming and feel a responsibility for the world around them, this is important to us too:

  • Fresssh focuses on a reduction of packaging
  • Fresssh sources from local suppliers
  • Fresssh allows for informed food choices – such as an increase in options for increasingly popular plant-based diets


September Recipe Feature

Mac 'n' Cheese


Norse Catering COVID-19 Response

We are working with schools to ensure children and young adults have access to a nutritious two-course lunch and that your child’s experience of school meals from September is positive, enjoyable and that they feel safe eating our food. We are also committed to ensuring our catering staff feel safe, supported and happy when working in school kitchens.

Safety is of utmost importance and, while our catering teams are used to high levels of hygiene and cleanliness, we have implemented enhanced measures and risk assessments in all of our kitchens in line with Public Health England and Food Standards Agency guidelines.

Our menu for September consists of lots of popular items and dishes that allow for a flexible approach to how it is served and where it is eaten; whether that’s in the dining room, in a classroom or even in an outside space! Please speak to your child’s school to see what their individual plans are for September.

As we adjust to a new style of school catering, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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